Thursday, August 6, 2009

Easy BBQ Chicken

I love this recipe for so many reasons:
- it's in the crockpot, which makes things easier on me
- it uses chicken quarters or chicken thighs, which are cheaper
- it's barbeque!!

I never used to buy chicken on the bone- only boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Well, that is definitely NOT the cheapest option as far as chicken goes. When I started paying attention to my groceries and trying to buy 2 weeks of groceries under $175, buying a couple of packages of boneless, skinless chicken was not helping. My husband doesn't like eating chicken from the bone, but he does like dark meat. In the last year I realized how much I can cook with bone-in chicken, and you don't have to eat it off-the-bone. If you put bone-in chicken in the crockpot, it will get so tender, it falls off the bone. It's so moist and yummy! I have also started buying whole chickens and roasting them, then shredding them to pieces for at least 2 different meals.

I didn't find this recipe anywhere, but I'm sure someone else has done it before. Chicken, barbeque sauce and a crockpot. That's all you need!!
I used chicken quarters, the leg and thigh are connected. There were 3 in the package. Mine were even still frozen. I placed the chicken in the crockpot, seasoned it with salt and pepper. Then, pour your favorite sauce over the chicken (save some sauce for later). Turn on low. Mine was ready after 6-7 hours. It's not super pretty, and your hands get messy, but I think it's a great meal!
I drained the chicken from the crockpot and put in this dish.
I let it cool for a few minutes before I started shredding.
I used tongs and put all the meat in this bowl.
It literally falls off the bone, and comes off very easily.
I mix the shredded meat with a little more barbeque sauce. To serve, I put some chicken on a soft roll and more barbeque sauce, for me. My husband wanted a slice of cheese.


Sonya said...

I do the exact same thing with the leg quarters! my husband also cant stand chicken on the bone so I cook like 6-8 of them in crockpot and then use them for different meals.

We too love the way you made it aswell..yum yum

Melody said...

I'm like your husband! This recipe would be great to help cut down the food bill. Thanks!