Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tips for Today

Grocery store tips! I have been reminded this week how important my relationship with my grocery store is. I started going there because it was a new one in the area and it had a gas station with it. I don't mind saying- it's Kroger. If you use the Plus Card and spend at least $100, you get 10 cents off per gallon for gas. So I started going there for all my grocery trips. Since I go there twice a month, and use my Plus Card, they have a database or something that keeps track of all I buy. Last week, in the mail, I got a packet of coupons JUST based on stuff I buy. Milk, wipes, crescent rolls, cheese, eggs- things I buy everytime I go. Not only does this save me money (several of these coupons were getting these items FREE), but it definitely keeps me coming back!! They are taking care of me!
- Before I go to the grocery store, I check the ad for Kroger. Whatever meat is on sale, that is what I am buying. That dictates what meals we are having, and what other ingredients I need to go with it. The meat is the most expensive, so that is what I look at first. For example, when I went to the store on the 1st, they were having a good sale on pork tenderloin, salmon and chicken. So I got a big package of chicken tenders (cheaper than breasts), salmon and a pork tenderloin. Then I got produce and whatever we were already out of and needed for lunches.

- I clip coupons. On the first of the month trip, I saved $12 in coupons alone. I know there are people who really know how to do it, and save much more than that, but every little bit helps!

- I buy fresh fruit and canned. The fresh fruit usually lasts us through the first week, and then I go on to the canned goods (in juice, not syrup) to get us through the next week until the next shopping trip. This brings me to my next point...

- I buy store brand. I really do! I used to be a brand name snob, and still am on a few items. But, I seriously cannot tell the difference and it saves 10-20 (sometimes more) cents per can on canned goods, and butter is almost a dollar cheaper. Kroger has good butter.

Hope these help you get the most for your money! Do you have a good grocery store tip to share?


jennifer said...

Thats great!! I wish my grocery store sent coupons like that!

When I go shopping, I always make my lists in order of the aisles. This keeps me on task, not wandering around, and sneaking things into the cart that we don't need!

Deasha said...

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