Sunday, September 21, 2008

Review: LOVE this!

From time to time, I will review kitchen products. Either something new that I just tried or a favorite that I have loved and used often.

This is one of those favorites that I use often.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

I have two preschoolers that keep my house is constant disarray. Since I cook everyday, my kitchen always has something going on. These little beauties are great!! They really get those gunky spots that probably started off as a little juice, then you add some crumbs and a little sugar and you have got yourself a nice, dried up gunky spot! Not that YOU lovelies would ever have that problem, but I have been known to come across a gunky spot a time or two. Well, these are great. Get them damp with water and rub away! The spot will be gone, I bet. Sometimes I need to spray some cleaner after I rub it, it will leave a dull sheen on my counters. But the spot is gone!! Also works great on my stovetop, when I step away from my boiling potatoes for ONE second and I come back to overflow potato water. Sigh. Thank you, Magic Eraser.


Ashley N said...

I'm so excited you started this blog. Can't wait to keep checking back :)

Maggie said...

The mr clean eraser saved my bacon last week when Weaver drew all over the walls with a blue crayon. It is also great for cleaning scuff marks off tap and ballet shoes! :)