Friday, September 26, 2008

Tip for today

I am not a great baker, but I have really started enjoying it in the past year. When I started making cakes from scratch, I wasn't too pleased with how dry they quickly became. After you are used to super-duper moist cakes from a mix, made-from-scratch cakes just tasted dense and dry. I did love the flavor of homemade cakes, and was determined to find ONE recipe that I liked. I have found the recipe and more on that soon (as soon as a certain sister of mine sends me a certain picture I need), but I have a good tip to try that will make your homemade cake a little more moist.

You ready for this???

Pudding mix. Yes, throw a box of pudding mix into the batter (I mixed it in with the dry ingredients), and the cake suddenly became moist and yummy!!! (Thanks, Dad!!!!)
Maybe you knew this or do you have a trick of your own?? Like I said, I am not an experienced baker, but now I will be baking more cakes from scratch- with pudding!!!!

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jennifer said...

Have you heard about putting coke into cake mix??