Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Love This!

I love my onion/garlic chopper!! I know, I know... Hey, cookin lady- you've got a knife, don't ya??? Why do you need some fancy chopper? Wellll, I don't. But, since my super sweet husband did give me one, I have found I love it. Why, you ask? Mainly, because it chops the onion small. I have talked a little about my aversion to big chunks of crunchy onion in my food. I thought I didn't like onions- however, what I really don't like is raw onions. I love the smell of onion sauteeing in a pan, and love the flavor of caramelized onions (they really do get sweet!! and they are SO good with steak). So, I like my onion chopper because it gets the onion diced up quite small, so you never bite down on a big chunk of onion! Also, it does garlic.

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Donna Root said...

Raw onions --- eeeeuuuwwwwww -- I'm with you. Cooked are OK. Maybe I need one of these gadgets.