Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tip for Today

Since I go to the grocery store twice a month, I buy alot of meat at one time and freeze it until we need it. It used to drive me crazy, because I always got ice on my meat, and I would swear it tasted different. I finally found a good way to freeze the meat, no ice and it still tastes the same. This is a simple tip, but it saved me from icy, yucky meat so I think it is worth mentioning.

This is the meat I bought today for the rest of January meals.
I cut the beef into 3 parts (it is a 3 lb. package)
Put one section, press it down and wrap in plastic wrap
Put all 3 sections in ziploc bag, and into the freezer

I separated the chicken into 2 sections, wrapped them, and put them in a freezer bag, too
**I put all the meals for the rest of the month on the sidebar over there. If I have already done a post on them, you can click and see it. As I cook the other things, I will post them. I think I like this better than the weekly menu posts. Those were just too long. Tonight is Poor Man's Steak and broccoli.

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jennifer said...

Great tip! I always buy my meat and freeze it and have that ice problem. I will do this next time!